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  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Holiday Period

    Holiday Period

  • Quick Tips To Help You Parent

    Quick Tips To Help You Parent

  • AD/HD

    Comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations that address the AD/HD hallmark features of Inattention, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity.

  • Learning Disability Evaluations

    Comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations that assess the full range of learning disabilities.

  • Individual Counseling

    Individuals work in are supportive environment to identify problem areas and help them learn to overcome them.

  • Family Counseling

    Families work in supportive environment to identify problem areas and learn to overcome them.

  • Anger Management

    Anger Management is when one identifies his or her anger triggers and finds strategies to eliminate them and replace them with appropriate beliefs and behaviors.

  • Grandparents Are Hurting, Not Helping

    Question Dr. Braccio:  I just heard you on the radio as a guest talking about ADD but was not able to call in with a question.  I’m very upset with my parents.  Our hard working nine year old daughter has been diagnosed with both ADD and a Reading Disability.  She is a wonderful and sensitive […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 6-25-13

    Dr. Braccio Talks on “The Drive With Jack Ebling” Radio Show on 730 a.m. on 6/25/13       Dr. Braccio talks to Jack Ebling and Graham Couch about his view that the Big Ten Channel and commissioner Delaney have it all wrong by the obsession with promoting Ohio State University and the University of […]

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  • Parents Need to Curb Sibling Rivalry Now

    Question Dr. Braccio:  Our 11 and 12 year olds fight all the time.  They have always been competitive, but now it seems even worse.  We’ve tried to ignore them as much as possible and say boys will be boys, but now they’re really getting angry with each other and fighting physically.  We’ve intervened and told […]

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  • Don’t Cave in to Parenting Pressure

    Question Dr. Braccio:  It seems being old fashioned about parenting is a flaw to many.  My husband and I live in a home filled with love where our 14 and 15 year old sons are to let us know what they are doing, where they are and with whom.  They have a curfew of 9:00 […]

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  • Make Amends With Late Husband’s Family

    Question Dr. Braccio:  My husband unexpectedly died six months ago.  Up until then, and we had been married nine years and have two boys aged seven and eight, his parents, older children of my husband and the rest of his family had nothing to do with me.  We decided to move a thousand miles away.  […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 06-04-2013

    Dr. Braccio Talks Family Guilt  on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 5/28/13   6-4-13 John Braccio

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  • Unhealthy Relationship Needs Work

    Question Dr. Braccio:  I’m feeling very defeated.  I’m a first year graduate student but my mother still controls me through guilt!  Of the three sisters, I’m the only one who can‘t break away.  She’s broken up two relationships of mine by putting what I see now as false doubts in my mind.  She now wants […]

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  • It’s Time to Start Acting Like A Parent

    Question Dr. Braccio:  My nine year old son knows how to push all my buttons.  He puts things off and always wants to do later what I want him to do now.  I talk to him, argue with him and plead with him to be more responsible for himself.  He fights with me, seems to […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 5-14-17

    Dr. Braccio Talks About One Of The Most Brutal of Sociopaths, Ariel Castro, on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 5/14/13   ARIEL CASTRO tortured, raped, chained up and held prisoner three girls for over ten years. The evil is so despicable it is hard to even imagine how a […]

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  • Urge Fearful Child To Try New Things

    Question Dr. Braccio:  My seven year old son is afraid of anything new.  He wants everything very predictable.  He’s loving but gets very tense and upset if we want to do something new or even if I change our routine.  His first grade teacher says I need to teach him to explore new things and […]

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  • Free Yourself From Prison of Others’ Approval

    Question Dr. Braccio:     I’m sick of my need for approval from everyone for all I do.  It goes all the way back as far as I can remember.  Even though I never quit trying, I could never do things quite right for my parents.  There was always the fatal flaw.  My husband tells me to […]

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  • Don’t Let The Boston Marathon Bombings Stop You From Living Your Life

    Question Dr. Braccio:  The Boston Bombings are really causing us turmoil.  My husband and I want to run in the Lansing Marathon this weekend but are scared there could be another bombing.  What do we do? Answer The Boston Bombings were despicable acts of evil.  We must not let terrorists control our lives.  On the […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 4-16-13 Boston Terrorist Bombings

    Dr. Braccio Talks About The Boston Terrorist Bombings on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 4/16/13   Dr. Braccio discusses the incredible evil that would motivate someone to plan to murder and massively maim totally innocent human beings during the Boston Marathon. 4-16-13 John Braccio

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  • Stop Financial Abuse by Family

    Question Dr. Braccio:  We continue to help my husband’s two over 50 year old siblings and even their adult children with financial support into the thousands over the years.  They have never been grateful and have the attitude that, “Since you have it, you should give it to us”.  What has me so mad is […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically April 9, 2013

    Dr. Braccio Talks About The Colorado Murder Massacre  on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 4/2/13   Dr. Braccio discusses with Tony about the fact the psychiatrist, Dr. Lynne Fenton, who had been treating James Holmes, accused of the Colorado Murder Massacre, warned the police that he was a danger […]

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  • Emotional Wall Hinders Future Plans

    Question Dr. Braccio:  I’ve been married briefly two times and had one child with each husband.  They drifted into my life and then drifted out.  They have had nothing to do with me or my daughters.  The marriages were disasters.  I’ve committed my life to my daughters and they’re both out of college, married with […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 03-27-13

    Dr. John Jr. speaks with Jack Ebling and Graham Couch on 730 AM discussing (1) State pride vs. owning the state (2) The difference in basketball passion in Kansas, Michigan and Florida, and (3) Growing impatience with coaches and programs that don’t win it all.  GO GREEN! DrJohnBraccioJunior_3-26-13

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  • It Isn’t Too Late To Salvage Relationship

    Question Dr. Braccio:  I’m feeling very badly about how my husband and I have treated our son over the years.  Even though often frustrating, he’s well liked and a good hearted boy.  He’s 15 and has just recently been diagnosed with AD/HD.  We’ve always been so critical of him.  We always thought his being hyper […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 03-12-13

    Listen to this weeks Speaking Psychologically segment featuring Dr. John Jr. speaking with Jack Ebling and Graham Couch of the Lansing State Journal on the conflict Spartan fans felt Sunday between rooting for Indiana or hated rival Michigan with Tom Izzo’s 11th B1G Championship in the balance. 1-22-13 John Braccio

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  • Early Intervention Will Help Quell Panic Attacks

    Question Dr. Braccio:  Our 16-year old daughter is going through a very difficult time.  Recently, she had heart palpitations, lost her breath, felt dizzy, and got very fearful when she felt a loss of control when we were at a school event.  Things got so bad we took her to emergency.  They said she had […]

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