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  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Holiday Period

    Holiday Period

  • Quick Tips To Help You Parent

    Quick Tips To Help You Parent

  • AD/HD

    Comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations that address the AD/HD hallmark features of Inattention, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity.

  • Learning Disability Evaluations

    Comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations that assess the full range of learning disabilities.

  • Individual Counseling

    Individuals work in are supportive environment to identify problem areas and help them learn to overcome them.

  • Family Counseling

    Families work in supportive environment to identify problem areas and learn to overcome them.

  • Anger Management

    Anger Management is when one identifies his or her anger triggers and finds strategies to eliminate them and replace them with appropriate beliefs and behaviors.

  • Maximize Successes by Minimizing Time Spent on Past Failure

    Question  Dr. Braccio:  My seventeen year old daughter always seems to focus on negatives.  She never thinks things will work out positively for her.  In spite of her many successes, she interviews for jobs badly and always feels proven right when she does not get the job or what she wants.  I also do this […]

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  • Personal Success

    Dr. Braccio talks with Tony Conley on 8/14/12 about how success and failure when used appropriately can help a person have a good self-esteem. What is the meaning of personal success to every person and what is the meaning of personal failure to every person?  Of course, each is part of the process of the […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 08-14-2012

    Listen to Dr. Braccio and Tony Conley discuss individual personal success and using failure as a tool to learn from and be successful

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  • The Wisconsin Massacre

    It appears Wade Michael Page was a hateful homicidal sociopathic murderer.  Sadly, this is becoming more common with the breakdown of the family and a society seemingly dividing into more and more competing angry groups.  The sociopath and easily led person can be at their worst in such an environment.  A poor economy and lack […]

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  • Great-Nephew Needs Unconditional Love

    Question Dr. Braccio:  Our 13 year old great nephew has moved in with us from Illinois.  Our children are grown and out of the area.  He’s lost his parents and we’re his only family.  We didn’t know him well but took him in because we wanted to and there was no one else.  We could […]

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  • It Isn’t Too Late To Be A Good Dad

     Question Dr. Braccio:  I’ve not been a good father.  My seven and eight year old children care for me more than I deserve.  My parents and sister have taken up my parenting with my ex as I’ve been doing everything but looking after them.  My ex hates me but has wanted the children to think […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically July 17, 2012

    Listen to Dr. Braccio’s weekly segment from 1320 AM with Tony Conley as they discuss loyalty leading to character development.

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  • Loyalty As Part of Character Development

    This topic was discussed by Dr. Braccio with Tony Conley on the Toney Conley Show on 7/7/12.  A sense of loyalty is something most of us hopefully gain in family interactions or early in life in important personal interactions.  Loyalty is a learned behavior that once developed allows one to develop positive relationships with family, […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 7-10-12

    Listen to Dr. Braccio discuss Worker Negativity in Difficult Times    Dr. Braccio discusses worker negativity and what to do to change it on the Toney Conley Show.  Worker negativity is an unfortunate outcome in the workplace.  This is particularly true in this ongoing period of high unemployment, underemployment and job uncertainty.  Common examples of […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 6-26-12

    Listen to Dr. Braccio and Tony Conley discuss the 4th of July and what it means to them in the latest installment of Speaking Psychologically. They also speak of immigration, sacrifice, and family. Dr. John H. Braccio is the son of Italian immigrants and married to a Cuban immigrant.

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  • Retirement Blog

    The last Q/A newsletter we sent out related to a woman who wants to retire but her husband wants her to keep working until he can retire.  As the baby boomers reach retirement age, questions about when to retire are very common.  I deal with them regularly.  Typical questions are as follows: 1. Can I/we […]

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  • Husband’s OK Isn’t Essential

    Question Dr. Braccio:  I’m actually both hurt and angry with my husband.  I can retire in four months and want to.  I’m worn out physically and mentally.  He can’t retire for four years and wants me to continue working.  He says we can save more money and retire at the same time.  When I told him […]

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  • Don’t Be Fenced In By Others’ Expectations

     Question  Dr. Braccio:  I recently returned to the area after earning a graduate degree and getting a very good job.  My problem is an odd one.  I’ve found a women full of love and very loving whom I’ve been dating that I’ve fallen in love with.  The problem is my family and two best friends […]

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  • Negative TV Ads

              Negative TV Ads   Dr. Braccio talks to Tony Conley about negative ads on the Tony Conley Show     During this growing height of political ads a question can be….Why do politicians use dirty ads?  The following are some points for discussion:  1.  People seem to be far more […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 06-05-12

    Listen to Dr. Braccio as he discussses with Tony the effects of negative ads and why politicians use them.

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  • Unexpected Death of Loved One is Especially Hard

    Unexpected Death of Loved One is Especially Hard     Dr. Braccio talked on the Tony Conley Radio Show about the grief, pain and guilt that can occur when a loved one unexpectedly dies.   The following points are discussed:   1.  An exceptionally difficult time is made worse by lack of preparation. 2.  Closure […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 5-22-12

    Listen to Dr. Braccio discuss with Tony bereavement and dealing with the unexpected loss of loved ones.

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  • Signs of Spousal Betrayal

    Hello Everyone! I recently had a conversation with a person who told me how betrayed she felt when she realized her husband was having an affair.  She asked I advise people of the typical signs that an affair is occurring.  She says she “foolishly” missed or tried to ignore them and wants to make sure […]

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  • Signs of Spousal Betrayal

    Signs of Spousal Betrayal Posted on: 05/23/2012 4:49pm Hello Everyone! I recently had a conversation with a person who told me how betrayed she felt when she realized her husband was having an affair.  She asked I advise people of the typical signs that an affair is occurring.  She says she “foolishly” missed or tried to […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 05-15-12

    Listen to Dr. Braccio’s segment today with Tony discussing overzealous parents watching their children play sports.

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