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  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

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    Holiday Period

  • Quick Tips To Help You Parent

    Quick Tips To Help You Parent

  • AD/HD

    Comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations that address the AD/HD hallmark features of Inattention, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity.

  • Learning Disability Evaluations

    Comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations that assess the full range of learning disabilities.

  • Individual Counseling

    Individuals work in are supportive environment to identify problem areas and help them learn to overcome them.

  • Family Counseling

    Families work in supportive environment to identify problem areas and learn to overcome them.

  • Anger Management

    Anger Management is when one identifies his or her anger triggers and finds strategies to eliminate them and replace them with appropriate beliefs and behaviors.

  • Dr. Braccio Talks about The Importance of Being Able to Say “No” on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 11/19/13

    11-19-13JohnBraccio The importance of being able to say “NO” without guilt or shame is a critical skill to develop.  Too many people get overwhelmed in life by always saying YES to requests or demands of others.  Dr. Braccio discusses the causes and solutions to this huge problem for millions of persons.    

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  • Dr. Braccio Talks About The Importance of “Active Listening” on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 11/12/13

    11-12-13JohnBraccio Dr. Braccio talks to Tony about the importance of “Active Listening” and not giving solutions and advice until you get the full message.  “Active Listening” is a hard skill to master when we so often wait to give immediate advice on a given problem someone mentions to us.  

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  • Help Child Learn to Solve Her Problems

    Question Dr. Braccio:  We have a ten year old daughter’s teacher met with us and said our daughter feels we don’t listen to her.  She told her teacher that when she wants to talk about a problem, we change the topic, minimize her feelings, baby her or solve the problem without her involvement. The school […]

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  • Dr. Braccio Talks About How to Eliminate People Who Take Advantage of You on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 10/29/13

    10-29-13JohnBraccio Dr. Braccio talks to Tony on how to eliminate people from your life when you help them and they are not there when you need them. Too many people who give too much must learn how to stop in effect being used by people they think that care for them. This is much harder […]

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  • Dr. Braccio Talks About Envy and Jealousy on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 10/22/13

      Dr. Braccio discusses with Tony Coney about how Envy and Jealousy can be destructive to a person’s self-esteem and personal development.  Envy and Jealousy ruin the lives of so many people.  Both are useless when they diminish us and wish bad things for others. 10-22-13JohnBraccio    

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  • Resentment of ‘Takers’ is Justified

    Question Dr. Braccio:  With support from my husband, sister and God, the doctors tell me they believe I have beaten colon cancer.  My concern is that my mother and one sister seemed so distant with me during the past year.  This also happened with a few friends.  The hurt came because I have always been […]

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  • Dr. Braccio Talks on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 10/15/13

    Dr. Braccio talks with Tony Conley on compromise and the need for it in present day Washington, D.C.   10-15-13JohnBraccio

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  • Speaking Psychologically 10-8-13

    Listen to Dr. John Braccio discuss with Jack Ebling and Graham Couch of the Lansing State Journal MSU’s recent victory over Iowa and what it means going forward.

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  • Love, Encouragement Will Benefit Troubled Teen

    Question Dr. Braccio:  My oldest son just turned 15 at the end of November and is in ninth grade.  School has always been an issue for him, but lately he is really struggling.  Right now, he is getting two Es, one C and one B. His last report card had two Es, one D and […]

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  • Choose To Be A More Positive Person

    Question Dr. Braccio:  I find anger over time is seeping into my life more and more.  I’m negative and so many things bother me.  My wife and mother, who lives with us, recently told me they’re sick of my negative attitude, fault finding and anger about everything.  I went to our adult son and his […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 9-10-13

    Dr. Braccio Talks About Psychological Aspects of MSU Football on the “Tony Conley Radio Show” on 1320 a.m. in Lansing on 9/3/13 and 9/10/13 Dr. Braccio talks about the psychological aspects of the ongoing dilemma of Michigan State University trying to resolve its offensive football woes. 9-3-13 John Braccio 9-10-13 John Braccio

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  • It’s Time To Stop Playing Old “Tapes”

    Question Dr. Braccio:  I’m always down on myself.  It doesn’t matter what I do.  I wait for bad things to happen.  I try to be positive but keep believing people will figure me out and see I’m not as good as they think I am.  My husband and 15 and 18 year old children tell […]

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  • Child Isn’t Doomed To Mental Illness

    Question Dr. Braccio:  My husband and I come from dysfunctional families with a long list of chronic mental health problems.  In fact, a major reason we moved here was to have a peaceful life way away from them.  We have done that but I’m worried about our thirteen year old daughter.  Except for some minimal […]

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  • 20-Year-Old Needs a Firm Set of Rules

    Question Dr. Braccio:  I am a single mother with three daughters ages 13, 17 and 20.  My two younger daughters get along well (with the usual sibling bickering) and when my 20 year old isn’t around, we have a quite cohesive home.  However, my 20 year old is a handful.  She just finished her second […]

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  • Emphasize Importance of Truthfulness

    Question  Dr. Braccio:  My thirteen year old son has caused me and his grandmother, who lives with us and helps raise him, a lot of hurt lately with lying over stupid things.  He tries to minimize it by saying all kids lie to their parents and grandparents and we’re going overboard.  We may have reached […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically- 07-17-13

    Listen to Dr. John A Braccio on 730 AM with Jack Ebling and Graham Couch discussing the future Michigan-Ohio All Star Game, the MLB All Star Game, and Max Sherzer’s mindset going into the remainder of the season with a 13-1 record.  

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  • Speaking Psychologically 7-9-13

    Dr. Braccio Talks on “The Drive With Jack Ebling” Radio Show on 730 a.m. on 7/9/13   Dr. Braccio talks with Jack Ebling and Graham Couch about a bizarre sporting murder in Brazil and the new book by Kirk Cousins.  The bizarre soccer incident in Brazil that is astonishingly over-the-top.  The referee stabbed and killed […]

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  • Grandparents Are Hurting, Not Helping

    Question Dr. Braccio:  I just heard you on the radio as a guest talking about ADD but was not able to call in with a question.  I’m very upset with my parents.  Our hard working nine year old daughter has been diagnosed with both ADD and a Reading Disability.  She is a wonderful and sensitive […]

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  • Speaking Psychologically 6-25-13

    Dr. Braccio Talks on “The Drive With Jack Ebling” Radio Show on 730 a.m. on 6/25/13       Dr. Braccio talks to Jack Ebling and Graham Couch about his view that the Big Ten Channel and commissioner Delaney have it all wrong by the obsession with promoting Ohio State University and the University of […]

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  • Parents Need to Curb Sibling Rivalry Now

    Question Dr. Braccio:  Our 11 and 12 year olds fight all the time.  They have always been competitive, but now it seems even worse.  We’ve tried to ignore them as much as possible and say boys will be boys, but now they’re really getting angry with each other and fighting physically.  We’ve intervened and told […]

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